Who knew people wanted me to do tutorials and crit groups? I’m always so surprised when things like this crop up, the un-expected love.

Catch you fuckers at a bad time?

I hope there’s wi-fi in my hotel whilst I’m away..  

Mother nature is definitely a dude. 

In other news, only 3 more days until I get to take a little trip to Greece. Put my face in the sun and sea. So if there’s nothing for a week and a half you may know why. 

Hey friend, how did you get into illustration? Did you take classes or enroll in school?

I came upon a tiny woodland troll whilst hopping amongst the shrubbery. He was rather stout for such a small thing, more so noticeable he was purple. Upon questioning him as to why he felt it necessary to become part of this rather short tale of distraction from the boring truth. Jeb (we were on first term names by this time) just shrugged his shoulders, rolled himself into a fleshy purple ball and floated away with the breeze.

Ok so -

This coming september I’m going to be taking on some comissions. There are currently 4 slots available. If you’re interested send an email to michael@nvm-illustration.co.uk

If you guys would like just a digital copy they shall be substantially cheaper.

Submissions of low and poor quality photos will not surfice.

So we hit 5k! 

I guess that’s justification for another glass of wine, if there were any!


If you want to make an old man happy, maybe you should check out the new stuff I added to the store - 


The older we get, the more convincing the lie we tell ourselves gets.