How many fucking times!!

Paint water is not wine.

I am looking into getting a tattoo when I am old enough and I have absolutely fallen in love with your work and would be honored if you would allow me the priviledge of having it permanently in my skin. Could you make design using a few ideas I have?

Maybe, when you’re old enough. 

Meanwhile, if you’re not old enough for a tattoo gtfo tumblr. Tis not the place for younglings.


Your secret mother. 

Illustration.. or type up an interview.. 

I’ve been staring at tumblr too long. I start debating if each time I look at it they change the background blue tone ever just slightly.

Originals for sale.

I’m trying to make this a full time thing now.. which is a huge step for me and will probably feel like the death of me.

If you guys were thinking about buying an original now would be the time cause they’re going fast and cheap.

Just like me.

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"Eat your greens."

"But green is not a creative colour"